SOLD Klira violin bass Twen Star 356

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    New York
    This 1968 Klira Twen Star 356 violin bass was made in Germany in the same town as the more famous Hofner basses. Their similarities are obvious.

    The Klira is fully hollow bodied, with 2 distinctive cat’s-eye sound holes. These make the instrument extremely acoustic – more so than the Hofners. It has a comfortable bolt-on neck, which is very stable and plays easily and beautifully. The action is 3 mm on the E string and 2 mm on the G string at the 12th fret.

    Klira basses have 2 unique humbucker pickups and a control panel that operates in reverse logic from more modern instruments. When the toggle switch is down, the neck pickup is on. When up, the bridge pickup is on. Another advantage that it has over Hofner basses is that it has a separate tone knob and a separate volume knob, which gives it great flexibility in setting your desired tone. It has beautiful tone.

    Of course, the bass is fitted with Pyramid Gold flat strings and comes with the case.

    $900 shipping by UPS to continental US.

    1968 Klira bass.JPG Klira controls.jpg Klira head.jpg Klira back.jpg Klira action.jpg Klira in case.jpg

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  2. That’s very cool. Amazing condition for a ‘68 and a great price for something we don’t see everyday. Sure it sounds amazing with the Pyramids.
  3. Still for sale? I had just made payment on a 162 a few days ago, but seller changed his mind . Looks to be in very nice condition. Does all electronics work as they should?
  4. Thank you for the interest, but this sale is to USA Continental locations only. And yes, all of the electronics work perfectly.
  5. I would be happy to organize a UPS pickup, in which case you would only have to pack it and hand it over to a UPS guy on the scheduled pick up day. If that is not an option I can also arrange a US shipping address. Please send me a PM if you are up for doing a deal, even though I am a thumper from Copenhagen, Denmark.
  6. For the sake of the buyer, I want to sell within the US in case or need for returns, etc.
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    These are cool basses...I have one just like yours.
  8. SMG:
    Thank you for the complement.
    It's a wonderful bass - I can't understand why it hasn't sold already.
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    C'mon man. You have a buyer. No returns. Ship it.
  10. I have required a 162 in as-new condition, from Austin Texas, pictured here next to my ‘64 Höfner. Money is low right now because of forecoming album recording/production. I have some gear for sale and if/when it goes I will still be open for buying it from you, no returns. Thanks!

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  11. The bass is sold.

    Thank you Danny.