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  1. I came across a company just now that I'd never seen before – "Knight String", though the site has vids from as early as 2012. The "about" page on KS's website has very little "about" the company, which boasts its laminate basses are US-made.

    I did a TB search and found nothing about this company, and I'd rather get the 411 here than use the company's "contact" web-form. So, if anyone has knowledge or dealt with the company, please share the info!

    Where in the US is the company based?
    Are the basses made in-house or sub-contracted from somewhere else?
    Customer service?

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    They had a booth set up at some rockabilly festival I was at a couple years ago. The basses were nice, but nothing special. I'm not sure about them being US made; I got the impression that they were imports that were set up and painted in the US, but I could be wrong. Seemed like $3500 for a fancy paint job to me.
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    I agree that you can likely get more for your money. Looks like rockabilly market only. The custom scroll heads in their namm video look very amateurish.
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