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  1. I spent some time on aliexpress yesterday looking for a pandoras box arcade game, then searched for bass guitar and was absolutely disturbed by the number of exact copy fender, musicman, fodera, sadowsky, mayonnes, and other major brands. If you have never owned one of these instruments how would you even know if you were passed a fake on a trade? This makes me want to take a much harder look at second hand instruments in general.
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    I can't count the amount of times I've seen instrument pics on aliexpress that were actually edited pics from the actual manufacturer of the real thing.

    A guy I know ordered a Les Paul, and what came looked relatively real, but it wasn't really passable either if you had the first clue. The fit and finish just isn't there...
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  3. That makes me feel a bit better.
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    I bet a good amount of people get fooled by fakes. I'd think there are more ignorant bass buyers out there than knowledgeable ones.
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    Simple. To directly answer your question, if you buy from an established, reputable dealer, say Sweetwater, Sam Ash, etc. etc... you are guaranteed to get the real thing. The flip side, if you're looking on alliexpress, one should assume it's an inferior knock off. If buying used, make sure you have lots of photos to examine. NOT 3 or 4 stock photos.
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    i've never purchased a "fake" but i'm thinking that a lot of newbies and posers wouldn't care. also: there are several
    TB members (who purport to have played for years) who don't/didn't care about the fakery...they got what they wanted: a cheap look-a-like.

    good luck getting a real "pandoras box arcade game" from aliexpress. :thumbsup:
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  7. I'm a 90's kid, US $173.99 42% OFF|IYO Pandora Box 3D WiFi 4018 In 1 Full Sanwa Joystick Buttons Controller 134pcs 3D Games Save Function Retro Arcade Console|Coin Operated Games| - AliExpress
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    If the price looks to good to be true...
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    Anything under $350 is a good price for a Ken Smith. Am I right?
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    I'm STILL sick I missed out on those $499 Bosendorfer grand pianos with free shipping. Whaddya gonna do?
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    For years many on TB have extolled the virtues of hundreds of Fender look a likes.
    Why is this any different?