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    Dec 29, 2014
    I just purchased a cheapo Les Paul bass that I can leave in rehearsal facility so I don't have to lug my beloved Jazz bass around. Anyway, I 'm looking to replace pickups in the LP bass as the ones currently installed do not pick up the E string very well... the humbucker size is the exact size as my Les Paul 6-string so I don't want to get into any routing to make a pick up fit.... any suggestions for a reasonably priced pickup?
  2. I'm pretty sure the old steinberger basses had guitar humbucker sized pickups. Perhaps there's a bart or emg still available for these.

    You could also just use a guitar pickup. You'll need a rail-type pickup for the best, even string to string response, but there's heaps of those out there.

    I'd recommend using one with four conductor wires, so you have the option of single and/or parallel modes. You may find that a guitar pickup in normal (series) mode will be a bit nasty in the mid range for bass...
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    Wilde L90 4H. Becky told me that was Bill's choice for using a guitar humbucker on bass. I have a pair going into a build soon!

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