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  1. ok, i've been playing with this Pbass for a couple of years now on and off. i have a great mim jazz with emg's, so the pbass just sits in the closet. i decided to pull it out again.......

    the neck has a disgusting amount of bow in it. i tightened the truss rod, nothing. as tight as it would go., it seemed the truss rod nut was running out of thread before it pulled the neck to a reasonable tension. with the truss rod nut off, hitting the neck makes a noise like plucking a spring, so i assume the truss rod is still anchored just fine at the headstock end (adjustment at heel).

    so, i went to home depot to find some washers to put under the nut. of course the rod is some wierd size, so they didn't have what i needed. so, i continued to the local long & mcquade with just the neck. the guitar tech there took a look at it, tightened the nut as far as it would go, until there was some back-bow in it, and said string tension should straighten that out, and i may even need to back it off a bit. i was a bit worried about the fact that he just tightened it all the way all at once rather than in increments, but i figured maybe it's ok, if i let it settle long enough. i bought light strings (.045-.100) to reduce the tension, and put them on, left it over a weekend to settle, and the bow is just as bad as before.

    it seems to me his advice was way off, since i had already tried tightening the truss rod, but maybe he just wanted to eliminate the obvious: that i hadn't tightened the rod enough....

    should i trust his judgement, assume he was just covering the basics and go back to him? or should i be finding someone else to look at this thing? i don't know what to do.
  2. I'm not clear on whether the bass has a back bow now or whether it is bowed like it was before you took it to the tech.
  3. I'm not clear on whether the bass has a back bow now or whether it is bowed like it was before you took it to the tech.
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    I'd start wondering about your guitar tech. Have you known him long? I've never heard of anybody cranking on the truss rod to give a guitar/bass more back bow and letting the string tension help equal it out. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't that damage the bass? I've always heard of small turns (no more than a 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn a day) and letting a bass/guitar sit.
  5. never talked to him before. i walked in hoping to get some washers that would fit around the truss rod so i could get some more travel out of the nut, and he tried to convince me i didn't need any washers.....

    a year or two ago, i took this bass from my sister's room (she doesn't play it anymore), and tried to set it up. the neck was bowed forward (truss rod too loose) so i tightened the truss rod slightly and let it sit over night. very little change. this continued for quite a while, and eventually the nut seemed to reach the end if its travel. i was afraid of breaking things, so once it started to resist more, i stopped turning. the neck still had too much bow.

    so, i went to home depot looking for washers, failed, and then this guy cranked the truss rod nut all the way down and sent me away.

    yeah, i really don't think he knows anything.

    this sucks. i had respect for long/mcquade. i thought they would be a reliable source of info.

    there's a better place in town....actually, it's a repair shop that used to also be the store/gallery for F basses before the store/repair shop moved. i'll go to them tomorrow and see if they can help me.
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