Knuckle Pain In My Trigger Finger...

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  1. I'm not sure exactly where to put this, so I'm gonna just put it right here...

    I've been playing bass and guitar for 27 years..and a couple of months ago, the second knuckle of my left index finger started having some serious issues. The first night it set in, I'd played bass pretty hard for about 3 hours..and a couple of hours later, the pain in the knuckle was so severe that i couldn't clamp the finger against my thumb..and typing even hurt. I iced it good that night, and two days later it seemed alright. But is has become routinely recurring...never as severe as that first night, but it bothers me somewhat most evenings. Evenings that I've played, it bothers me more..but even if I take a couple days off, it will still bother me an evening that I hadn't played at all.
    I've been playing a lot more bass this year than in the past several years, and I also started switching up between basses more often rather than only playing one. I also do a lot of typing most days, and grip heavy bars doing some weight lifting...but it's only in the second knuckle of my left index finger.

    Anyone experienced anything like this? Tendinitis..arthritis..knuckle cancer preceding my near death?
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    My proctologist has the same issue :) all kidding i wouldn't worry too much about it and even people with RA will tell you to keep using it as stopping or even not using it as much will make things worse not better. Hope it goes away!
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    I get something like that occasionally in the same joint, same finger, my finger tip even feels a little loose, almost hyper extended sometimes. I chalk it up to pressing a little too hard over a prolonged period, causing my finger to bend back at that joint. Now I try to make sure I keep that part of the finger straight or play with the literal tip of my finger so that the only bend is a natural one and the tip isn't bending backward at all.
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    Is it swollen?
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    The only right answer is go see a doctor. This isn't WebMD.
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    the problem is it could be any of those (i'm thinking the cancer one is a real longshot, though) or something else. even if some of us have had the same problem, it could still have a different cause. why guess? let a doctor take a look at it.
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    Try taking an over the counter anti inflammatory.
  8. I have it too, and it is called Trigger Finger. It's not carpal tunnel per se, but it's in that family. The source is not the knuckle but rather the very base of the index finger where tendons ride on grooves that act like little pulleys of sorts. If you press on the edge of the palm where the index finger attaches you can feel the pain there.

    I've been to a specialist who said that a cortisone shot would cure it in some cases but if it came back then surgery was the only option. That's where I'm at right now, looking at surgery. Not happy about it.

    Go see a doctor. It's more than just something that popped up and will go away with icing, Ibuprofen, and time.
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    I have a trigger finger on my right hand, I think it was caused by a ganglion cyst (Biblebump) on the inside of my wrist, it's caused the thumb and index finger tendons to stick together. I had pain in the same knuckle, but when I really started playing again and putting in a lot of hours the pain went away
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    This. It takes a good couple of days for Advil and such to really take hold. When my knee acts up, a couple of days of it usually takes care of the pain and/or inflammation.
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    I've had problems in the tip joints of both of my index fingers. On my right index, it was incredibly painful, and required occupational therapy. It hasn't flared up since then, but I play with a pick 95% of the time to reduce the risk of recurrence, and do stretches before playing finger style. (I suspect it was caused by typing, not playing, but who knows?)

    My left index has never gotten to that level, and I don't think it's exactly the same problem. When it starts hurting, I alter my technique to use it less and take anti-inflammatories. It subsides, and life goes on.

    Neither is trigger finger, which I've experienced and is very different. Both are joint problems, more like arthritis.

    Anyway, go see a good hand specialist ASAP. Ideally you can find one who regularly works with musicians. Good luck!
  12. I'm gonna see a doctor about it's comforting to hear from others dealing with the same kinda thing.. I'm not ready for my age to impact my playing yet at 39, but it is what it is. It hasn't stopped me cold yet, but it's caused me to change what or how I'm playing a few times. Thanx bass peeps :)