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  1. This is a beautiful, great playing bass with Seymour Duncan, switchable, active and passive, jazz pickups. The neck is a Fender 1999 precision bass special neck (jazz width, 1.5 inches), that is really nice to play. The body is a solid Koa, Warmouth body. The weight, by bathroom scale is 9 pounds and a hard case is included.
    I'm looking for $550 plus shipping, but am also open to trades such as a 5 string fretless bass, 4 string fretless, a Kala Ubass (5 string fretless preferred, but...), also a Boss RC-3 looper.
    I'm having trouble adding more photos to this, but will as soon as i am able.

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  2. Here is another photo.

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  3. I'm also interested in a Boss RC-20 as a partial trade.
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    I've got an RC-30 mint in box. Wasn't really looking to sell it but figured i'd respond anyway to see what kind of deal you had in mind. Also, how's the playability on your bass? FYI, when considering a deal, i would need bass shipped to 78734. PM me and let me know. Thanks---Ed.
  5. Thanks Ed. That's interesting. I hadn't thought of an RC-30, but I could probably put it to good use. I guess we'd need to figure its worth and work something out. The bass plays great. The action is low, the neck is straight and it feels great. I can take some photos to show some details this weekend if you would like. I love this bass. The only reason, I'm selling it is I am hooked on 5 strings and I haven't played this in a couple of years. I thought about turning it into a fretless, but realistically, I don't think I'll ever find the time to do it. I'll have to check what shipping would be to your area.
    Thank you
  6. Monday bump.
  7. Trade in the works.
  8. On the way to Omaha!

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