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    Aug 27, 2000
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    What wood, tonewise, does koa compare to? Ash? alder? other?
  2. koa. that's about it. koa resembles the sonic characteristics of koa surprisingly well. but i'm not saying i'm not a wood afficienado or anything so what do i know. there's probaly some freak wood in the middle of the amazon that sounds like koa and has a name with atleast 15 sylables that i can't pronounce.
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    From the Warmoth site:

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    koa is an awesome wood, good for the deep bass, but also surprisingly snappy high end to it. there is a wide diversity of colors available - it sorta has a directional coloration to it - from some pov's it looks a lot lighter than from others. both of these basses are koa...

    this one is flame koa, very very nice, gets very dark from certain povs...


    and this one is a figured koa, much darker...


    this second one looks light when i hold it upside down.
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    The Victor Bailey sig is made of koa wood, and it had a nice snappy tone happening, but at the same time the lowend had a good deal of warmth.
  6. Koa has a warmth and brightness and beauty that no other wood has. I have an older Carvin bass, LB50Koa, that has a 2 piece koa body and 1 piece koa set in neck with an ebony fingerboard an passive electronix. That bass speaks like no other the lows are clear and punchy (never muddy) and people always think it is an active bass because it is so bright as well. By comparison I also have a bass that is the same model but is all maple body and neck with an ebony board and the lows are not as punchy and overall the bass is a little muted, still a good sounding bass but it dosen't have the same character.
  7. how is koa for a neck wood, is it strong enough?

    I really like the look of the 2 peice koa neck with koa body carvin offers.
  8. There is a recording on my web page called Noodle's Groove of my Carvin LB75. It has a Koa body, maple neck and ebony fretboard.
  9. Unless your really weird and have my sorry web page bookmarked you might need this.