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SOLD Kolstein Busetto Travel Bass W/Trunk

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Basses' started by ptron, Feb 1, 2019.

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    DSCN0819.JPG DSCN0810.JPG DSCN0811.JPG DSCN0812.JPG DSCN0813.JPG DSCN0820.JPG DSCN0823.JPG DSCN0824.JPG DSCN0826.JPG DSCN0828.JPG DSCN0831.JPG DSCN0838.JPG DSCN0839.JPG DSCN0840.JPG DSCN0819.JPG DSCN0819.JPG DSCN0810.JPG DSCN0811.JPG DSCN0812.JPG DSCN0813.JPG DSCN0820.JPG DSCN0823.JPG DSCN0824.JPG DSCN0826.JPG DSCN0828.JPG DSCN0831.JPG DSCN0838.JPG DSCN0839.JPG DSCN0840.JPG Kolstein Busetto Travel Bass W/Trunk $3,700.
    Located Freeland, WA Whidbey Island 98249 (near Seattle/Everett)

    Shipping not available. Local sale only.

    I have played this excellent compact upright bass in my Latin Jazz band and other straight ahead combos for the last ten years and it sounds great, is easy to play and easy to move. Unfortunately I have developed arthritis in my left hand and can no longer play in a sustained musical environment so it's time to move on.

    From the Kolstein web site:

    Kolstein Busetto Model Travel Bass W/Travel Trunk - Kolstein Music - Violin, viola, cello, bass rentals, repairs and accessories

    Kolstein Busetto Model Travel Bass W/Travel Trunk
    $6,200.00 (original price)
    The Busetto Travel Bass, Deluxe Custom Padded Bass Bag and Busetto Air Freight Trunk, and New Planet Pickup.

    This uniquely designed travel bass offers the most
    discriminative bassist the first option in a travel
    bass with a full spectrum range of tonal qualities
    found only in conventionally size basses. The Kolstein
    Busetto model is handcrafted with the utmost attention
    to the highest level of craftsmanship. Modeled on a
    reduced scaling of the famed LaFaro Prescott, played
    by the legendary Scott LaFaro, this bass handcrafted
    through the Kolstein bass shop and affords the
    traveling bassist the epitome of playing qualities,
    esthetics and most impressive pizz and arco tonal
    qualities all at a most affordable price.

    The Kolstein Busetto LaFaro model travel
    bass is fully setup to the Kolstein specification
    with a Kolstein adjustable bass bridge, Heritage
    bass strings, Kolstein panormo endpin, high quality
    decorative brass bass gears, Planet Wing Pickup, and all other setup
    work synonymous with the Kolstein shop.

    Height 70″….180.2cm
    width at it’s widest point…. 21″….53.3cm
    deepest point…….16″……..40.7cm
    Approximate weight 22Kilo or about 50lbs

    End quote from Kolstein site.

    Dimensions of the neck are standard upright bass and ergonomically you won't notice much of a difference except that the scale is slightly shorter at 39+” and it is easier to play.

    The instrument reflects European craftsmanship Romanian made fully carved to high bass standards but in a compact design to make travel less difficult. Amplifies well and is quite resistant to feedback while still having a good acoustic sound.
    Busetto Travel Bass.
    Deluxe Custom Padded Bass Bag.Busetto Air Freight Trunk.
    K&K Bass Max pickup and original New Planet Pickup.
    2 bows, one German style, the other French.
    Bass Stand seen in pictures.
    Strung with Thomastic Spirocore Weich

    I replaced the New Planet Pickup with a K&K Bass Max pickup which sounds great and in my opinion better than the original. Both are included.

    The bass is in excellent condition with almost no marks and no damage except for typical bridge foot wear and very minor dings. Lots of thickness remaining in the Ebony fingerboard. It is used and has been played but has been well cared for. The price is reflective of the neck repair mentioned below.

    This bass did acquire a fracture in the heel of the neck that I repaired in consultation with talented bass luthier from Ireland Thomas Martin. The Double Bass Workshop, Galway, Ireland With his help I was able to successfully repair the fracture by going through the back rather than removing the fingerboard. This repair is stable and has not moved in over ten years. I have been repairing basses and electric basses since 1974 in my fully equipped luthier shop.

    I also planed the fingerboard to have a better curvature (relief) for ease of playing in pizzicato Jazz style while the action is still high enough to facilitate arco.

    Because the scale of this instrument at 39+” is slightly less than the standard 41” I added photo-luminescent side markers to the neck to help with intonation. I also added subtle brown dots at the thumb bridge positions to aid intonation high up the neck. Having these markers helps greatly. All of these markers are easily reversible.

    I encourage the reader to search online for reviews of this professional quality instrument and the many famous players who use it.
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    Wow I'm interested but it's only local sale... :(