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Korg & Akai Bass Effects, shameless self promotion

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Jazz Ad, Jun 19, 2002.

  1. Jazz Ad

    Jazz Ad Mi la ré sol Supporting Member

    I'm looking for manuals.
    Anything will do.

    Pics, pdf, html, text, or even paper versions.
    Contact me by email or PM if you can help in any way.

    I already have the following manuals available on the site :

    - English manual for the Korg A4Bass.
    - English/French/German/Japanese/Spanish manual for the Korg AX1B.
    - English manual for the Korg G5 Bass Synth.
    - English/German/French manual for the Korg PX3B Pandora.
    - English/German/French manual for the Korg PX4B Pandora.
    - English starter guide for the Korg PX4B Pandora.

    - English/German/French manual for the Akai SB-1 Deep Impact.
    - English/German/French manual for the Akai UB-1 Unibass.

    I still need them for :
    - A5Bass
    - AX30B
    - AX300B

    Thanks by advance.

    Also feel free to visit my Korg & Akai Bass Effect User Group. 333 members for now :
  2. Can't help you with the manuals - but your post brings back memories, I use to own and A5 Bass and then an A4 Bass years ago. They were good little units - I traded the A5 for the A4.

    Can't remember why I got rid of it - must have been for my Boss SE-70!!!

    Nowadays - I (try to) use my Boss GT-6B (still learning it!)
  3. BryanB

    BryanB Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Can you get me a copy of the PX3B manual in english? I sure would appreciate it.
  4. do a search? I posted some settings from my G5 some years ago I know? They must still be here some place...
  5. Jazz Ad

    Jazz Ad Mi la ré sol Supporting Member

    I have them on my page, but you need to suscribe
    if you want to download it. If not, Yahoo won't let you in.
    It's also a good trick to get more members
  6. BryanB

    BryanB Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Thanks. I am selling my PX3B on ebay because I got the PX4B and I couldn't find the manual!
  7. I think i have one for the G5.
    I'll look for it when I go home for the weekend.
  8. Jazz Ad

    Jazz Ad Mi la ré sol Supporting Member

    That would be very nice of you.
  9. Hey, Jazz ad or someone else:

    Can you name the effects on the AX - 1B ? Thanks.
    I'm still scouting out to buy a multi.

    About the quality of that thing I ask no questions: it's a Korg. ;)
  10. Jazz Ad

    Jazz Ad Mi la ré sol Supporting Member

    There are 30 user presets. You can name each of them with a 6 letter word.
    There are 71 available effects, about anything you could want. They all sound from decent to excellent.
    The only flaw is distortion/overdrive effects, pretty poor.
  11. I mean the single effects, if they are not too much to name.
    Does it have an enhancer and a delay ?

    I couldn't find any information online, and no music store has one around here.

  12. Jazz Ad

    Jazz Ad Mi la ré sol Supporting Member

    Ahem. Let's go.

    Drive Section
    Compression (2)
    Dynamic exciter
    Overdrive (2)
    Octave distortion

    Tone Section
    5 band+trim graphic EQ

    Modulation Section
    Chorus (4)
    flanger (4)
    Phaser (4)
    Tremolo (2)
    AutoPan (2)
    AutoWah (4)
    Percussive Wah
    Fix Wah
    Randomizer (3)
    Pitch shifter (4)

    Pedal Section
    Volume pedal

    Pedal Chorus (2)
    Pedal Vibrato
    Pedal Flanger
    Pedal Phaser (2)
    Pedal Tremolo (2)
    Pedal AutoPan (2)
    Ring Modulator
    Pedal Wah (2)
    Vocalizer (2)
    Pedal Randomizer (2)
    Pedal Pitch shifter (3)
    Whammy Pedal
    Drone Resonator

    Pedal Delay
    Hold Delay
    Pedal Echo
    Pedal Room Reverb (2)
    Pedal Hall Reverb (2)
    Sampler (2)
    Loop (2)
    Scratch (2)

    Ambience Section
    Room Reverb (2)
    Hall Reverb (2)
    Delay (40 -> 1000 ms)

    Amp Simulator (4)
    Noise Reductor
    General Level

    It pretty much covers it.
  13. Thanks a lot man, now I can compare.
  14. Kevinlane

    Kevinlane Supporting Member

    Dec 30, 2000
    Missouri, near Branson
    HEY BFunk,
    I had a PX3B but it's output wasn't enough when I'm rolling donw the road in a bus.
    Is the 4B gonna give me more output?
    I did like the 3b, but it JUST missed the mark.

    Please give you opinion.
  15. WillPlay4Food

    WillPlay4Food Now With More Metal! Supporting Member

    Apr 9, 2002
    Orbiting HQ
    Just got the PX4B last night. What a cool little unit! I spent a couple of hours learning it last night, and it's really cool.

    This is the first multi-effects box that I've used, so I don't think I could review it in terms of effects, but I'm totally digging it. There were plenty of sounds that I thought could be useable in different situation. The biggest thing for me were the built in drum tracks. I don't know any drummers so having an electronic one is pretty cool.

    I know this thing will be sucking away any free time I might think I have!
  16. Jazz Ad

    Jazz Ad Mi la ré sol Supporting Member

    From my experience, it's a little louder.
    Now, you should be fine even with the PX-3B, assuming you use good headphones.
    Bass frequencies are hard to reproduce accurately with 1/2" earphones.
  17. Any Korg G5 bass synth owners here? I've had mine for years and would love to share experiances with any other users? Terrific box with a total of 18 factory presets if you re-initialize differently.

  18. wushuguy


    Jan 9, 2002
    Flagstaff, AZ
    I just picked up a G5 from ebay last week. Before I go on, I want to state that I just started playing bass not too long ago (I messed around on guitar for a while) and am still very much a beginner. With that being said, I love playing with new sounds and textures. This pedal absolutely rocks. I love the sounds I can get from it. Lovely analog sounds (It's a digital pedal, right??).
    The thing that I found odd about it, is that it tracks way better on the lower strings than on the higher ones. It tracks every note on my B string flawlessly, yet has a bit of trouble higher up on the neck.
    I have a couple of questions for you about it MadSub. I didn't get a manual, and am confused about a couple of things. What exactly if the function of the input and output knobs? Actually, that's all I'm confuse about. Also, 18 presets???

    I also have an Akai Deep Impact on the way. :bassist:
  19. woohoo! It's a great box and will put all your other bass synths to shame, I promise. Good on ya. How much?
    Yup, digital. But some of the sounds are so fat warm and rippely.....hard to beat. My fav is waveform #5 with a foot controller as well. MAKE SURE you try your box with a volume pedal in the F/C input. i use an EB volume pedal to control not the sweep, but the sensitivity of this synth which is just a brilliant feature IMO. I wish my other EV filters could do this. You can hear me using this exact set-up on the tune "Almamaghretta" at that web link of mine.

    Some basses will work better with this than others. My Alembi-Wick tracks well high up while my Thumb5 gets rather sketchy on the G string. Maybe try boosting your bass's mids or bass for better tracking?!
    I don't have the manual handy but yeah, there are two differring ways to re-initialize the box where you end up with a completely unique group of presets for each one. I'll try to find that out. If you do a search of the TB archives, you'll find more info on how to do this...maybe faster for you.
    The input/output knobs are analog and control how loud your signal is going in (set so it clips occassionally, maybe better tracking for you too??) and your output. The final "level" control can be programmed within your preset; use this to balance the levels of your user presets.
    Maybe Duke of Prunes has a manual scanned he could send you? I don't own a scanner. This is the king-God of bass synths IMO and makes all other look like toys; this one is a tool. Be sure to use the F/C input!
  20. wushuguy


    Jan 9, 2002
    Flagstaff, AZ
    Hey, thanks. I got it BIN for $200 on ebay. I saw that and got it right away. I thought I was eventually going to have to pay $300+ for one of these. It's not in the greatest cosmetic condition, but it works perfectly, and that's all I care about.

    I plan on getting an EB volume to use with this, probably next week. I'm excited about trying that out. I was actually just playing along to "Almamaghretta" as I was writing that last post. I love those songs. :D

    I've done many searches on this box, and don't recall anything about re-initializing it. :confused: I'll try again later with some different key words. It doesn't help that your search word has to be 3 letters or longer (can't use "G5" as a search word :spit: ).

    If anyone does have a manual they could send me, I'd be most grateful.

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