Korg AM8000R effect processor

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  1. Hello fellow tb'ers!

    So i realized that rent has to be paid every month, so i need to let go of somethings I don't use.

    Here is the Korg AM8000R--it is a somewhat rare effect unit, and many have called it the poorman's eventide. It really can do a lot!

    here is the info, via soundonsound.com
    Essentially, the AM8000R is a three way multi-effects unit: it offers two effects blocks (FX1 and FX2) that can each access an identical selection of 29 effects, plus a dedicated delay/reverb effect block with a choice of 11 different treatments.

    The signal path starts with a so-called Pre-EQ (high and low frequency with gain and a swept mid), which can be bypassed if you wish. Korg have provided a flexible routing matrix which offers plenty of control over how effects are routed and accessedA number of effects are provided in stereo or dual versions (the dual version provides independent control over parameters for left and right signal paths, while stereo effects have one set of parameters for both); there are also strictly mono and mono-in/stereo-out effects. Even the delay/reverb block effects have a similar range of options.

    here is a list of the effects that can go in FX1/FX2
    Stereo Chorus/Flanger
    Dual Chorus/Flanger
    Modulation Delay (M)
    Stereo Modulation Delay
    Dual Modulation Delay
    Tape Delay (M)
    Phaser (M)
    Stereo Phaser
    Dual Phaser
    Pitch Shifter (M)
    Ensemble (M/S)
    Doppler (M/S)
    Horn Simulator (M/S)
    Rotor Simulator (M/S)
    Stereo Tremolo
    Stereo Ring Modulator
    Dual Ring Modulator
    Stereo Resonance Filter
    Dual Resonance Filter
    Stereo Wah
    Talking Modulator (M)
    Stereo Compressor/Limiter
    Dual Compressor/Limiter
    Stereo Gate
    Dual Gate
    Early Reflection (M)
    Saturator (M)
    Stereo 3-band EQ
    Stereo Ducker

    so you can have any combo of those two in any order, and then add one of these--
    Long Delay (M)
    Tempo Delay (M)
    Stereo Delay
    Dual Delay
    Cross Delay
    Left/Centre/Right Delay (M/S)
    Multi-tap Delay (M/S)
    Dual Multi-tap Delay
    Room Reverb (M/S)
    Hall Reverb (M/S)
    Plate Reverb (M/S)

    The AM8000R's effects are of uniformly high quality, with comprehensive lists of editing parameters on offer for each. For example, the tape delay effect available to FX1 and FX2 has a 'signal-to-noise ratio' parameter which allows you to add plenty of grunge if you want it, and the same effect has a saturation parameter, plus flutter, a simulation of a real-world tape delay's wow and flutter. Other unexpected effects include compressors, a saturator (kind of an overdrive), resonant filters, dual and stereo ring modulators, and the excellent talking modulator. This last effect is a vowel simulator that seems to be nicked from Korg's Trinity workstation -- make your treated sounds appear to talk! Rotary speaker fans will welcome the inclusion of separate horn and rotor effects, and comprehensively specified they are too: plenty of control over speed, acceleration, mic distance and mic spread. These all make interesting additions to the AM8000R's sonic armoury.

    the best point about this unit to me is the routing and editability--this thing has a mess of parameters for each effect and they are all usable parameters, nothing super complicated, and it's all midi-controllable.

    and there is one thing that i really really like about this unit that i think a few people on here might like--there are plugs in the back for 3 expression pedals. This means that for each patch, you can control up to 3 parameters via expression pedal, and programming is at a minimum here--in the menu, just tell the korg that you are using pedal1 (or 2 or 3) that it will be adjusting the desired parameter. for example, say i want a distortion with a compressor after it. I can have use an expression pedal to control the drive, the mix and even the amount of compression after it. No midi programming necessary!

    and might I add that this sounds very well on bass!

    the only thing is that the input gain knob is missing, but that doesn't affect sound quality.

    275 shipped

    thanks for looking!
  2. bump--I also would consider trade for a set of the following pedals --

    105Q wah
    phaser (i really like the EH phaser, but i am open to a lot of them)
    delay (long not short)
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  4. I have a boss PS-3 NOS w/box and manual. This pedal is seems to be wildly popular right now. It does have several delay modes. If you decide not to keep it you could sell it. They have been going on ebay for well over $200.

    I'd like to trade this pedal and one of these pedals of your choice:

    DOD FX-25
    Digitech Bass Multi-Chorus (w/box and manual)
    Ibanez Flanger (the yellow one)
    HBE Compressor

    Also one question, how's the wah function on the Korg?

    Please let me know. Thanks!
  5. hmm I dunno--i'll have to think about that one--i am not terribly interested in the PS-3
  6. 260 shipped
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