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korg dtr-1 setup ?s/ mesa 400+

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by groovking, Feb 23, 2001.

  1. i wish i had more answers than questions.....i just got a dtr-1 tuner for my rack and opened it up and the owners manual is missing and i can see it was mounted,,,oh well, im gonna hook it up anyway, i got a great deal on it. as long as it works properly! my question is...ive got a mesa boogie 400+ head and it has no tuner out or anything, should i hook this up in the effects loop, before my comp and maximizer, or out of slave output. i ran out of the slave before, but as i think im wondering if that is giving me a mixed signal (comp & max), any direction from anyone having a similar setup? ......if anyone would be good enough to send me some scans of a dtr-1 owners manual i would be eternally grateful, and i could probably even figure this out myself!!
  2. I run a DTR-2 in my effects loop, however you can also run it in front of your amp....ie. bass>input of tuner----output of tuner>input of amp.

    Either way will work fine.
  3. Jerry J

    Jerry J Supporting Member

    Mar 27, 2000
    P-town, OR
    Sorry I don't have an answer for your hookup question but I just got a used DTR-1 and it didn't have a manual either. So if you get something on it could you forward a copy to me, please?

    I'm sure I'm doing everything right but I'm not too sure about using all the extra bells and whistles it has.
  4. jerry, ill do that.....iwas surprised korg doesnt have manuals on their sight to download. i dont know how to work all the buttons either....
  5. chaoslord........maybe you could help, im running of my slave output right now, when i saw the back of the korg unit there are 6 input/outputs. the first one to the left is input select, then mute, then sound, then out then2, then 1, which ones do i use as in and out to hook up in daisychain, (series), on my effects loop?
  6. To be honest with you I have no clue. The DTR-2 only has 3 jacks on the back input, mute, and output. I use input and output, the mute jack is for a footswitch so you can tune silently (there is also a mute jack as well as a mute button on the front of the DTR-2). I have no experience with the DTR-1 however as all of the guys in my band own DTR-2's since none of us felt the need for the added bells a whistles.
  7. killer B

    killer B

    Apr 18, 2000
    Phoenix, AZ USA
    I've got a Korg DTR-1 in my rack with a Mesa 400+. I've used the slave out to the tuner and this works fine except you can't tune while the amps in standby mode like when your warming up the amp which in my opinion is the perfect time to tune. So now I use an ernieball volume pedal that has a tuner out so I can tune while the amp is in standby and muted to everyone else doesn't have to hear me. I would NOT run the tuner in the fx loop or especially bass-tuner-amp. This will uneccessaryl color your signal and most likely for the worse. Another option would be to buy an a/b box then you could go bass-a/b box a-amp b-tuner and then the tuner would not be in your signal path.

    I'll look to see if I've got the manual for my DTR-1, but I got it used off the 'net and don't remember if I ever even got it. I know how to use it pretty well though what are you trying to figure out?
  8. You can always use the Effects send, and dont plug it back into the return jack. and VOILA! no coloring of your sound. But in my op it would be better to have the bass directly connected in some way.. like the volume pedal or something like that.

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