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Korg G5 Power Supply?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by gillento, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. gillento


    Oct 15, 2005
    Luxembourg, Europe
    Nordstrand pickups
    I found a used Korg G5 without manual and without power supply.
    What power supply does the unit use? Ist it easy to find or something special?
    The decision to buy it or not depends on the availability of such a power supply.
    Manual anyone?
  2. Jazz Ad

    Jazz Ad Mi la ré sol Supporting Member

    Standard 9 V DC, negative pin, Boss style.
  3. I use 1spot to power mine. Correct me if I´m wrong but it requires 400 mA power. G5 is The synth for me. And it is really rare too. I guess you can find manual with search (g5 + manual).
  4. Basstyra

    Basstyra Commercial User

    Apr 3, 2005
    CTO @ Two notes Audio Engineering