SOLD Korg Toneworks Pandora PX3B multi-fx $60

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    Jul 27, 2004
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    Korg Pandora Toneworks PX3B is a Bass multi-effect mini-processor/pre-amp/tuner/practice mini-unit; not a stomp box.

    Works as a personal monitor (allows you to practice with headphones). Also gives you realistic bass amp sounds when you are not using an amp, such as for direct-line recording. Has a four-band graphic EQ; 39 effects including a compressor, overdrive, and octave; a maximum of 7 effects can be used simultaneously. 50 preset programs cover the tonal needs of every musical genre, with programs ranging from finger, slap, and pick playing styles to unique synth bass programs and you can create 50 user programs of your own. Built-in auto chromatic tuner with mute function lets you tune without outputting sound - ideal for on-stage use.

    Way more than a metronome:
    To make playing more fun, the PX3B comes with fifty types of rhythm patterns covering rock, jazz, funk, blues, and more, so you can practice along with a full rhythm kit instead of a click track. Realistic PCM samples are used for the internal drum sounds, and tempo and volume settings are adjustable. A standard metronome is also available.

    Record it in and check it out:
    The PX3B's Phrase Trainer lets your record up to sixteen seconds of your own playing or from an outside source, like a CD player. The recorded phrase can be slowed down as much as 75% without changing the pitch, and can be played back as a loop for repeated listening. This makes it easy to practice and learn tough phrases.

    Play along on any recorded tune:
    Bass canceller lets you erase the bass sound from a song that is input from the AUX IN jack, allowing you to add your own bass playing to the performance. A key transpose function also lets you raise or lower the pitch by as much as one octave. For example you can raise the pitch of a CD by one octave to make the bass notes easier to hear, or restore a song in lowered tuning back to regular pitch so that you can play along.

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  2. Pete Hand

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    Jul 27, 2004
    Missoula Montana
    Sale pending.