Korina or Lacewood?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by BFunk, Aug 17, 2002.

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    I am going to build a Warmoth Gecko 5 string fretless bass. It will have a Wenge/ebony neck and passive J/J pickups. I am undecided on the body wood. I have it down to solid Korina or solid Lacewood. I am looking for clear, round bottom, low-mid growl, (250-350 Hz), and open highs. Which body wood should I get for that?
  2. lacewood. my fretless growls like hell and has some nice highs and lows. and imo it looks a whole hell of alot better.
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    I guess noone like Korina for its looks. From what I have read, it seems that Lacewood will have a brighter sound, more like alder, where Korina will have a sound more like mahogany. On the other hand Mike Kinal says Korina is halfway between swamp ash and alder. I assume that means a little fuller sounding than swamp ash but with clearer lows and more pop than alder. Others have said korina bass bodies don't have a lot of bottom. (This is not a real problem for me with my Kern pre-amp.)
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    Agreed. Why not just take the best of both worlds?
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    Warmoths tops are too thin, 1/8", to effect the tone.
  6. My MP Level 5 has a Korina body. I like its looks :p and its sound. No lack of bottom. Just very round tone. I wanted brightness so I went with a maple neck / maple board. It's got a gloss finish on it which I have grown to like. I haven't seen a semi-gloss or oil finished korina body but I'm sure it would look nice as well. Bad pics of me and the bass on www.plasticarmymen.com.

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    I can't get to the website, but I sure would like to see pictures. Also what type of music do you play?
    What amp are you using and which pickups?
  8. doh - my bad. try this: www.plasticarmymen.net.
    We play covers - Vapors to Incubus to Duran Duran to RHCP.

    Level 5 has basslines pickups with the 3 band. It goes through a GK800rb into an Ampeg Classic 4x10HE. I just put an order in for an Avatar B115 to put under the Ampeg.

    Very happy with the bass - have had for over 1 1/2 years. Gets the job done.