Kramer Aluminum neck: strainghtening/planing options?

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  1. Hey hey all. I've got a Kramer aluminum-neck P-bass that I'd retired in favor of my new fretless Jazz bass, but I'd like bring it back into service for when I need the more modern rock tones. Trouble is, part of why I retired it was because the neck has a little dip in it around the 12th fret, which causes a really nasty buzz on any string above the 10th fret unless the action is set rediculously high. There's no truss rod, so it can't be adjusted out, and the fingerboard is black phenolic, so it can't easily be defretted and planed and all that (or can it?). What I'm thinking about is taking it to a local luthier (maybe as far as Mike Lull in Seattle), having him pull the phenolic board off completely, and put a new ebony board on, and refret that. Sound like a good idea? Sound possible?
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    Oct 18, 2002
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    I would definitely take it to a good luthier. That synthetic stuff tends to be problematic when working with it, if you are not experienced. I definitely advocate the ebony board.