Kramer Ferrington A/E Bass

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  1. HELP!!!! Just got my taxes back from the CPA. No refund this year... I OWE.. A LOT!!!

    So.. for starters.. I'm offering up my Kramer Ferrington bass. It's black, has the diamond fretboard markers, pointy headstock, and the preamp is the one with three knobs (volume, treble, bass). Comes with the OHSC.

    The bass does have some scratches and scuffs (mostly on the back, a couple on the front) but it's hard to notice them from a few feet away. This is certainly not a collectors dream... it's been played. I've got almost new nylon strings on it, and it sounds great!!

    So..please help me raise some funds for the blood sucking IRS!! More pics available.. pm me your email address.

    $340.00 shipped inside the U.S. (paypal fees included in price).

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  2. A begging Bump!! :help:

    If I don't sell these items... I'll have to sell my Benavente.
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