Kubicki and La Bella Flats - Scale Length Issue

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  1. AntiTreble


    Jun 24, 2012
    Madison, AL
    I recently re-strung my '92 Kubicki with La Bella Deep Talkin' Flats with .45-.105's in Standard/Long Scale length. The advertised scale length (at JustStrings) is 37 inches, however, per La Bella, the Long Scale E string is actually 36.75 inches. What difference does a 1/4-inch make? I'm glad you asked: To my dismay, on the Kubicki's E string position, the wound length doesn't quite clear the bridge saddle. In fact it straddles it, silk wrap and all. QUESTION: Have any of you Kubicki owners tried using the Extra Long Scale DT Flats? In XL length, all four strings are 38 inches (La Bella's spec). Obvious concern is that that's likely waay too much length to shove down the ratchet trench; i.e. given the Kubicki's shorter scale on strings 1 through 3; and La Bella emphasizes the risk of string breakage if you deviate from standard protocol. I would consider sticking with the Long Scale set and purchasing an individual XL 4th string, but La Bella does not appear to offer to .105 XL singles in the DT Flat. What's your experience with flats on a Kubicki? Suggestions? Thanks.
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