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Kubicki Factor, wich one better? Fender Custom Shop version or Phillip Kubicky ones?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by handyz, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. handyz


    Jul 10, 2008
    Hi guys, just wondering which one better Kubicki bass fender custom shop era or orig. Phillip Kubicki?

  2. sps500

    sps500 In Memoriam

    May 19, 2008
    Both sound great. I believe the only difference will be that Phil's pre amp is 18v plus a couple more settings.

  3. Rich L

    Rich L

    May 17, 2006
    Ft Myers, FL
    I've had both and IMO, the difference is minimal.
  4. Phil would tell you they both sound the same.
  5. I know the Pre-Fenders are worth more and they do have a better preamp but I haven't played a Post-Fender one so I couldn't tell you what they're like now.
  6. I used to own a Fender Factor and played a few Fender Ex Factors and a pre-Fender. I thought they sounded about the same in the a few settings, but didn't take a lot of mental notes on the pre-Fender settings, but it PLAYED a hell of a lot better.
  7. I asked Phil one time if there was any difference between pre and post Fenders as well as the Fenders, he said that all of them have the same exact specifications as far as build and electronics (except, of course the 9v Fender era board). Perhaps it is the placebo effect.
  8. It wasn't so much the sound but the playability of the pre-Fender that grabbed my attention.
  9. I don't know---with neck, body, frets---everything the exact same dimensions, seems the playability ought to be the same on all of them.
  10. Dimensions are no match for a flawless fretjob and set-up.
  11. I have owned a lot of Kubicki's and IMO the early Kubicki ones are the best. Both sound wise and quality wise.
  12. CapnSev


    Aug 19, 2006
    Coeur d'Alene

    A most wise statement Spade-San.
  13. banditcosmo

    banditcosmo Supporting Member

    Jul 12, 2002
    Charlottesville, Va.
    Does anyone know how the post Fender's compare to the pre Fender's and FCS ?
  14. Again---Phil said they are the same, in fact he made them in his shop and Fender stamped them on the head with Custom Shop logo. He told me this in a conversation a few years ago, so they were made under his supervision. As part of the deal, Fender insisted on the 9v board instead of the 18v. He hasn't changed anything since he settled on the design after the prototype stage. In the pre-Fender era and during the Fender era, he had a few others working for him. In the post Fender era, it has been just him---so, if anything, the post-Fenders ought to be the best since they were made by him alone.
  15. 73jbass

    73jbass Supporting Member

    Apr 17, 2004
    I'll back that up,because Phil told me the exact same thing.They were all made by him,but he put the Fender preamp in the FCS models. I've owned all 3 eras,and all are exactly the same,save for the preamp.
  16. vrossi


    Jan 29, 2013
    hi guys. kubicki addict here.
    this thing about which is better and "real" > FCS rumor seems to never end & only real kubickiheads & owners of both pre/post & FCS kubicki can answer without bias.

    I had 4 ex-factors. 2 pre, 1 FCS, 1 post. All of them were great, all of them were different, but not one was head & shoulders above the rest. Below are some of the rumors I came across searching the internet for my favorite bass in the world.

    1. FCS kubickis had high action that cannot be lowered: untrue in my case. my '87 & '93 had higher action than my FCS with all of them with slammed saddles & straight necks.

    2. FCS preamp is inferior: for me it has it's advantages. Kubicki preamps have 3 preset passive tones. FCS has one passive tone BUT the tone knob still works & you can control your passive tone like a normal passive bass (i.e. jazz bass with passive tone knob).

    Also, there is a small midboost screw inside the preamp where you can set the amount of boost you want in the active with midboost setting (setting #1 from standby), whereas the kubicki has it preset. Tone wise: they all sound like a kubicki.

    3. Build quality of FCS is inferior to real ones: Absolutely not in my case. My FCS had top notch build quality as my real ones. The only difference was the neck. My FCS had clear coat on the laminates, all my "real" ones had that bare wood finish.

    Years ago, Phil told me many things about FCS kubickis. Too many to remember, too many to post here. What a genuinely nice guy. I will miss him so.
  17. guitardr


    Jan 28, 2013
    Perhaps the best information on the site!

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