SOLD Kustom Tuck N' Roll K200B, $300

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  1. And... *Sold*

    A rare Series-6, with the 3-way 'Selectone' knob on the left-hand channel.
    No other exterior issues, looks nice and presentable.

    2 issues: knob has been replaced with a Radio Shack project knob, but you can hardly tell...

    ...the rip at the back of the amp. It's quite small, 'fix'-able with some good quality electrician's tape. That's how we did it when I was a kid...

    Innards are in great shape, she's got new filter-caps and a clean bill of health.

    Here's a link to some talk about this very head at the Kustom Vintage site- if you're interested there's some good info on it here.

    $225 + shipping from Smithfield, RI, 02917. Paypal works, as do USPS money orders.

    I'd prefer cash, but here are some trade-involved deal thoughts:
    *CD Bass Trainer (Tascam jig);
    *AKG CS-1000 condenser mic;
    *Unlined fretless bass neck, suitable for Fender J-type bass;
    *Digitech XBass Chorus
    *Decent pair of 12" drivers for a vented cab (got a Polytone bass combo I'd like to put heftier speakers in than the CTS in there now), un-blown of course;
    *Lightweight power amp, like a Carvin...

    I'll be liberal with the right trade! Hit me up- this old thing is a classic, and a nice hit of old-school SS Iron.


    Here's a pic, I'll get back with more.

  2. The coolest part of the head, aside from the black plexiglass face, is the purple jewel 'power on' light:



    This is the RCA jack that sends a line signal to a recorder or an external power amp... Hosa makes a cable that is suited to the purpose. Also note the ID plate, "K 200B -6":


    And here's the tear around back, and the speaker outs... minimum 4 ohm load here:

  3. Bumpish. This is original Naugahyde, people...
  4. It's Bump-Day.
  5. dbsfgyd1


    Jun 11, 2012
    Man, those were all the rage back in the day. I had a rig back then too. Very dependable and not a lot of money for a fair amount of sound.
  6. Thanks for the word! It's a real good starting-out kid's garage-band head, very 'vibey'- and yep, a classic old SS sound. Nice through the companion cab loaded with those nice Altecs or CTS... and a good deal louder than I expected it to be!
  7. Garage Bump.
  8. Another day, another Bump. Would consider negotiating trade-based ideas...

    iPod dock/mixer;
    AKG CTS-1000 condenser mic;
    power amp that can run bridged (400w or so @ 4 ohms);
    good-sounding fretless bass of decent quality, no lines... don't favor a Squier...
  9. Still Bumpin'! With all that nice Bumpity Tuck n' Roll padding, there's a lot of Bump-action to be had...
  10. Bump... open to partial trade offers.
  11. Buy my amp! It's good!
  12. Bump, price lowered and friendly-deal disposition expanded...
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