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  1. I was wondering whether any of you guys have any experience with this company. i have a cabinet with two 15" speakers made by them and it dates back to the sixties. Its covered in thick tucked blue padding. The problem is I dont know what head to use on it. The paneling on the back where the details on the wattage and ohm's it uses is torn off. My knowledge of amps very minimal and I dont want to damage the cabinet. How strong should the head I intend to buy for it be? Is there some standard wattage for 2x15's
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    You could check inside the cab, but I'm fairly sure the Kustom bass cabs are rated at about 200-300 watts. A friend has one and, personally, his sounds pretty bad compared to current cabs. Tuck 'n roll is so way cool!
  3. Ive used it with an old solid state 200w "acoustic" (thats the brand name) head and its a good a sound I can appreciate. Good warm lows. Bad highs though. But thats why i want a new head, so I can make it sound the best it can. Theres something cool about vintage equipment like this. I was just wondering how many watts I could run through the beast. I only wish I had a better undersatnding of electronics in general so i could make smarter desicions when i have to put my money on the table.
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    My friend has a 2x15 also...
    he found it...somebody was throwing it out:eek: and it works perfectly...so i use it to compete w/ the drums and the bigger guitar amps...its falling apart but the sound does come out of it so...:rolleyes:
  5. If it really is a vintage Kustom, I wouldn't go past 250-300W, (heads in those days just weren't like today's power plants).

    Does it have like two chrome-ringed ports/holes on the front??? If so, it's more than likely a bass cab, (their PA stuff had these, too). Your 15"s are most likely Jensens, although I have seen JBL's in them, too.

    If your tuck n' roll Kustom has a badge on the front that says "Kustom by Ross, Inc." that is one of the real early birds. Later, they just said "Kustom." These were made in Chanute, KS.

    There are faux vintage Kustoms on the market now where the tuck n' roll naugahyde is put on the gear and sold as "vintage" by unscrupulous dealers, even though the stuff is now made in China, (and Korea too, I think).
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