KZ ZS6 vs. ZS10, which one should I buy?

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  1. Hi TB, this is my first post, I've been reeading a lot about live sound mostly, so my question is this. I've been looking for another pair of in ears, I already have the shure 425 but they lack some bass when using them live, so I found a couple of online stores that sell few KZ models, I'm going with ZS6 or ZS10, but I'd like to read your comments with these models before I get them as I can't try them on.

    I've also read that the cables are somewhat stiff or not good enough so I'll buy an aditional pair, a better one.

    By the way I'm from Peru, but most online stores here have around the same prices as amazon or aliexpress, so that's not really an issue.

    thanks in advance
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    +1 to AS10 over the KZ10. These models (KZ, ZS5, ZS6, ZS10, and AS10) all have different shapes and heft, as well—so fit and comfort can be issues for some musicians. For example, the ZS10 has a larger shell than the rest of the line—too much so for some ears.
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  4. Good to know, I'll be looking for AS 10 prices. I've seen that most buyers order a pack of Comply foam tips, this means that the stock ones are not good? I've only seen a couple of pictures with the stock tips
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    Most KZ IEMs have come with the soft, silicone, olive-shaped eartips.

    If you need to hear bass, you need a decent seal. FWIW, I don't personally know anyone drummers or bassists who prefer the softflex silicone tips, although I do know a few who prefer the triple-flange style. Among low-enders, the most common preference seems to be for the foam Comply style tips.
  6. I've owned the Zs6, Zs10, and As10 and the As10 are easily the best. They are about $65 normaly but worth it. They fit better, have better instrument seperation, and have a more balanced sound then any other iems under $100 that I've tried all while still having punchy bass. The zs10 where good but hard to drive they need a pretty good amount of power, they have scooped mids and the shells are pretty bulky. As for tips that come with them all kz iems come with 3 pairs of cheap silicone tips in small medium and large they work well for some but i prefer triple flange and comply foam tips for tighter seal and deeper insertion.
  7. Got myself AS10 after reading and watching all those glowing reviews. 5-driver IEM for $60? And they didn’t disappoint! Punchy tight bass, good soundstage. I’m keeping my Mee Audio M6Pro as a backup from now on.

    P.S. I bought mines from eBay for $45 shipped, got them in a week. Absolute steal!
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  8. Man I need the AS10’s! Have the ZS5’s and am impressed - AS10 sounds like a significant step forward.
  9. Do it. If you already dig the zs5 the As10 will be a big step up. Better more controlled bass, more clarity, wider sound stage, better instrument sepperation, no sooped mids, and best part no sibbilance.
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    I use both and prefer the Zs10 with a memory foam tips. Been using them a while now and they are great for the price,no complaints.
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    I'm currently using the 425's and would love to know if you pulled the trigger on the AS10's and if you can do review them in comparison to the 425's.
  12. Based on my comparison to the se535 and se846 id say get them because to me the as10 where way better then the 846 even
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