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L-2500 Slap tone & G string harshness?

Discussion in 'G&L Bass Forum' started by permadave, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. permadave


    Jul 20, 2004
    Oakland, CA
    Hello All,
    I'm a relatively new owner of a 2005 L-2500 and was wondering if anyone else has had issue with the G string being harsh when slapping, and for that matter what your slap settings are.

    I have the P'up selector set to both on
    I have the Series/Parallel set to parallel (bass cut)
    I have the active/passive set to passive (or active without treble boost)
    I have bass all the way on, treble is cut about halfway

    I am using Ken smith bass burners (nickel plated steel) but have noticed the same G string thing with the SIT strings that came on it.

    I love everything about this bass so far except this one thing...
  2. I dont have that problem with my L-2500, the G is certainly not "harsh".

    I go for:
    both pups/bass boost on/pre-amp on (no treble)

    Its fat right across the board. I did find that the upper strings rang through a bit "fuller" (for want of a better word) at the start, so I EQ'd my amp a bit and got a beter balance.

    Do you find the G is more pronounced when you play with your fingers/pick?
  3. permadave


    Jul 20, 2004
    Oakland, CA

    I don't find its as pronounced except when I play slap style. It could be the way I "pop" but I don't have the "issue" on my other 3 basses. As far as my amp, I have tried adjusted it some too (I cut the 2k frequency) and it helped a bit. It also seems worse on my cabs which have a horn (of course) and not as bad on my 2x15 with no horn.
  4. permadave


    Jul 20, 2004
    Oakland, CA
    I guess loud may be a better word than harsh. The G seems noticeably louder than the other strings when popped, more so than on my other basses (warwick, fender, pedulla).
  5. sdguyman


    Jan 31, 2003
    San Diego
    Try adjusting the poll pieces further away from the G string.
  6. PeppermanL2K

    PeppermanL2K ...and on the 8th day, God created the Habanero.

    Feb 3, 2006
    Huntsville, AL
    Or, lower the pickup slightly on that end.
  7. permadave


    Jul 20, 2004
    Oakland, CA
    Thanks guys, will try those things ASAP

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