l.e.d how much.

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  1. i was over at the sim's led site and i really really want led's now. only problem i couldnt figure out how much it would cost cause i would be sending just the neck cause theres a discount. but all so i heard they have a guy working in the states for them but they didnt have any info aboutthat.
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    Nov 17, 2002
    Yeah dude, if I was in a succesfull band, and signed or something, I would definitely get them (Because I would probably have the money). But yeah, I was interested, and e-mailed them just email SIMS, and the actual SIMS guy e-mailed, me within like an hour or two, and it's not a bull**** computer generated mail. He gave me all the information and more. And I found out that SIMS does Warwick's LED's, so just go with SIMS.
    Personally I would just send the whole bass, i'm not the kind of guy to take a part a bass, because I wouldn't want to/have the money to fix it, even though it is like 40% cheaper for the LED's. But that's me. And yeah, they reccomend a hardshell case if I remember all this right. Also, SIMS is a pretty ****ing big company...
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    Dec 23, 2002
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    I've talked with Mr. Sims on a few occations. He's an extremely nice guy.

    Warwickben, as far as the cost goes it really depends on what type of LED's you're getting put in. Either way, I do know that they are quite pricey anyways.
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    Nov 17, 2002
    Sorry, I didn't even really answer your question in my reply. E-mail them though. Here is the link for the ordering/prices SimS Price Chooser. Just click the price wizard, and you can pick and choose your own LED's (Front markers, Side, both...), _-soto-_
  5. only thing i want to know is how much it would cost to send my warwick neck and get led's in stalled on the side and the w. i know how to figure that price out. but they dont say how much a neck with front ands side l.e.d's would cost.they say the list price only.iam talking about the replacement fender style.