L2000 Pickup Problem

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  1. I have a mid-90s L2000 that I bought while I was still a teenager. I've noticed that when I lower the action I have to use the bridge pickup only because the other pickup makes a terrible popping/twangy noise when I play on the E string. Has anyone else had this issue? Any ideas on how to fix it?
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    Are the strings hitting the polepieces? Have you tried dropping the neck pickup farther into the body? It could also be the supporting springs as well, older G&Ls sometimes have a ringing noise. If you pull the pickup and stuff soft foam inside both springs that'll go away.
  3. Yeah. The string hits pole piece. I'll try lowering the pickup. I also have the ringing noise that I've heard is common with L2000s. Thanks for the help.
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    I've also heard that a strip of electrical tape or probably even clear flexible tabe can help. I'm about to try that on one of my basses as I occasionally have the same problem if I really dig in.
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    If the string hits the pole piece, try lowering the pickup or raising the action...or both.
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    but the problem is, sometimes, typical with L2000

    I mean: many bolton necks just tend to raise neckheight at the heel, problem, as the OP's somewhat "forced" to play at the bridge, being that G&L revered bridge's factory set to keep strings out of bridge pickup reach, so then it should be only up to neck pickup

    I think it's enough to just lower neck pickup a bit, accordin' to OP's playin' style

    Other than that any extra zing should be G&L trademark roarin electronic;)

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    Lowering the pickup, or, other setup adjustments, are the way to fix the string hitting pole pieces.
    Not tape.
    You can download a good basic G&L setup guide from the G&L guitar FAQ section:

    look for this part:
    Q. I lost the the User's Manual which came with my G&L made in the 1980s to early 1990s. Where can I get a copy?
    A. Original printed versions are no longer availble, but you can download a PDF version.

    Please note that models since the late 1980s, particularly 4-bolt guitars and 6-bolt basses, do not come with owner's manuals. The manual for earlier models covers how to adjust the micro-tilt neck feature no longer used on 4-bolt and 6-bolt models. Other aspects of the manual, such as pickup height adjustment, generally apply to newer models.

    the "spring ping" is easily cured, as noted above.
  8. Thanks for the info Chef. On a side note does anyone know where to get replacement parts for a mid-90s L2000. G&L said they don't carry any replacement parts for basses that old. I really need the plastic electronics cover (have no idea how it went missing) and the spring and screw for the bridge (G&L said I had to buy a whole new bridge).
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    Staff Reviewer; Bass Gear Magazine
    That's a crappy level of support; did you speak to a human at G&L about those?

    try the bassesbyleo.com forums.