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Lab Series 2 - complete w/ two 1x15" cabs

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by Blue, Dec 18, 2004.

  1. Blue


    Jun 19, 2004
    Central NC
    Starting a new project, so I'm selling some precious gear to raise funds. First on the block is this:

    1979 ish Lab Series L2 with very rare original cab plus an auxiliary (homemade) cab sporting a EV-15B, plus an original (hard to find) owners manual. Good Condition.

    ... if I may be bold - all the Lab Series designs are Really toneful. Ask around and that's a pretty universal opinion: "They sound warm and tubelike ... I've played though ampegs, fenders and peaveys ... never found a 100 watt amp that sounded better to me."

    Here is a link to the Harmony Central Reviews:


    The cabinets are so rare, there is not even a single review in the Harmony Central database.

    I have especially enjoyed the lightness of the main cab'. It is a really easy to haul ported-slot design. The home-made cab works well, but is not nearly as light. You can have just the EV-15B speaker if you want to save the freight, but if you live near central NC, you'll want the second cabinet too.

    I know 100 watts doesn't sound like much, but it's a well balanced design .. "the loudest 100 watts ...", etc. According to the hard to find original manual - which I have - it will drive to 4 ohms, so I've used it with a second cabinet, and this 100 watt head will "do" all but the most extreme gigs.

    While older, they are still readily repairable. The only hard-to find part is the power switch, which is still available, but not though Mouser.

    fwiw, these were Very Expensive in their day. These days, the heads alone go for $100, when you find one. I've NEVER seen another cabinet for sale - but a used 1x15 is almost always worth another $100, which does not include the ethereal value of a rare match set - with the original (not a copy) owners manual. The EV-15B's typically bring close to another $100.

    Enough "hard sell" All for $250 sounds like a great deal to me. If anyone wants to ROCK with 2x15's, on the cheap, PM me. I'll post pictures later.