LaBella 0760M-5 (Jamerson low B set)

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Tired_Thumb, Oct 23, 2005.

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    I ran a couple of varying searches to see what I could come up with (found nothing on the 0760M-5 set itself), but would like some extra input as I don't want to sink 60 bucks down the toilet on strings I don't like. Anyways, I know the Jamersons are huge and play tense, something I like as I like being forced to play light handed, and I'm looking to replace the strings on my fretless J. Some questions:

    1) The low B string: this has happened to me with flats, and I've read about it here. I had a low B string on my bass that had less sustain than a snare drum, which prompted me to look to the EADGC tuning. I'm now considering restringing my bass BEADG, but I don't want a low B string that'll be completely dead and function more like a pitched djembe. With a good setup, will chances be that the low B has decent sustain? I'm guessing this relates to the flop factor, but I was never clear on that.

    2) Obviously the high action JJ had on his P decreases the sustain of these strings. I have low action on my bass and liked the way the SM77's sustained into tomorrow. I don't need quite that much sustain if I can't get it, but will the Jamersons have at least a decent amount of sustain with low action?

    Those are pretty much the questions I have, dumb as they are. Thanks in advanced from this complete dumb***. :bag: