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LaBella Elite Series

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by precision61, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. Recently, I just browsed to Quinn and saw LaBella Elite Series. From the explaination on Quinn's web site and its price, it seems to be a very interested strings. Dose anyone try this strings before? Any opinion?
    Thank you for your help
  2. Hi, Ponsak.
    They're cheap, but forget about them...
    If you want to experiment with a different company, look at Super-Sensitive.
    Their Supreme and Pinnacle brands are very high quality.
    As good as Pirastro, IMHO.
    Pinnacle sounds clearer, brighter than Supremes, which are used by several pros, in both jazz and classical idioms.
  3. Thank you Francios.
    You always read my mind correctedly.
    I love to try the different company.

    May I ask some more info. about them, Supreme and Pinnacle ?
    How are their tension?

    Best regards
  4. I didn't try all the strings in each set though.
    Both G and the A from the Supreme set.
    The Pinnacle G is slightly thinner than the Supreme, has less volume and is brighter, but both strings are easy to play.
    The Supreme A is very nice, feels supple under the fingers.
    Brighter than my beloved Original Flexocor, but quite warm too.
    I'd be curious to hear them on a nice acoustic! :)
  5. OK, that is the way to go.

    Do you compare Supreme with 92 Flexocore?

    I will go for G, D with Supreme, and E, A with Pinnacle, or, may be a set of Supreme next month.
  6. The Supremes are much more lively and have more sustain.
    Let us know how you like them!
  7. OK
    I will go for a set of supreme next month. (I burned all my butget this month already!!!!)

    I let you know how I like it, compared with my beloved Original Flatchrome and Varicor.:D

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