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Discussion in 'Setup & Repair [DB]' started by goodgig, May 18, 2007.

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    Jul 8, 2006
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    The tailpiece arrived! With the coaching of a fellow Talkbasser (Thanks Bill) I installed it myself. I used a Clef tailpiece chord. For those not familiar, it's sort of like a shoe lace. They give instructions on tying a "Carrick Bend" knot, which I found slipped, until I put a few regular knots on afterwards for good measure. It took a while to get the length right as the material is strechy, similar to a classical guitar string. The afterlength is tuned to a fifth plus octave(s) above the fundamental. Setup is esentially the same otherwise.

    The old tailpiece was made of ebony and weighs 8.3 oz. The Laborie is 13" x 3.5" and weighs a mere 4.1 oz.

    Here are my impressions. Take them for what they are worth and from wence they come. My bass, my strings, setup, etc. Bear in mind this written 1 day after install.

    When playing arco, notes start easier. The instrument is measurably more responsive under the bow. For the first time, I feel like my arm, bow, strings and bass are connected. I'm not aware, so much, of holding the bow.
    Before when playing dynamics, it was hard to get a big difference between loud and soft, to put it bluntly. Now it is much easier to play with dynamic expression. With reference to tone quality, there are more upper harmonics present in the sound. Vibrato is much easier. A wolf tone at the A harmonic on the A string is still there.

    Summary of "First Impressions":

    Melody: more responsive under the bow - very noticable difference.

    Expressive qualities (vibrato/ ease of dynamics): very noticable difference

    Tone: noticable difference

    Wolf tone: Seems like only negative. Still there, maybe slightly worse. Could be resolved with messing with the afterlength on that string.

    Pizz: Subtle to no measurable difference with these strings, this setup, etc.

    Answer: 1 bite at a time

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  2. Have you tried wolf-tone eliminators they can be pretty effective, for me it did away with the one on the octave A
  3. Thanks for writing up your first impressions. You had an experience similar to mine with changing to a much lighter tailpiece.

    Funny, the tailpiece cords I've installed stayed put really with just a good ol' square knot.
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