Lacewood body, Any help on finishing?

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  1. Today I purchased a Lacewood bodied dinky j bass from the very helpful people at Warmoth. I plan on using Watco oil/varnish to finish the body. Any hints or suggestions on the best way on going about this. This is my first attempt at finishing a body so any help would be great. I do have a bit of experience with the oil it's self. After ordering the body I sanded down and oiled the Fender Jazz neck that I am planing on putting on the upcoming body, so that I would have an idea what finishing the body would be like. I'm assuming that finishing the body will be very similar to finishing the neck (which now has a FANTASTIC feel to it).
    Thanks for your time any input you may have
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    Use the same method you used on the neck, basically. I do two coats a day until the wood doesn't want any more oil.

    I like to follow up the oil with some Butcher's Bowling Alley Wax.