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    Just took a lesson with Ant this morning. I've been studying with him for a couple of years (on and off but mostly on). This morning we did an exercise grouping groups of four notes, over pairs of two strings and within all pentatonic shapes. All was played in the key of G Maj to a simple backing track and we played this in each 16th note subdivision. Mastering this ONE lesson will give me more tools in my toolkit than many players could ever fathom owning. I just finished transcribing the tape of the lesson and organizing my notes. Tonight, I begin the work (nah, it's play) to try and take ownership of this really great stuff. If you are looking for a teacher and if you are really serious about putting the time in, Anthony Wellington is the guy. His ability to break things down and to, then, teach them is so rare in music education. Ant, I thank you. Folks, the man can teach!!
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    Man, that was almost like we rehearsed it! Damn near perfect!!

    You just left out the part about me being really, really handsome!

    But it's cool, still get your $100!!

    But seriously,...

    Thanks! Whoever you are!

    I don't advertise because I know that my students can do that better than I ever could.

    Segmenting the alphabet(words) is best way to use the alphabet. And segmenting scales is the best way to use the scale.

    All 20,000 to 50,000 words that you know come from the same 26 letters. And every song that you've EVER heard uses the same 12 notes. It's how we segment the scales that make them all sound different.

    It's something that can be studied and practiced based on efficiency and logic.

    Stacking fundamentals on top of fundamentals!!!