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  1. Listening to the Talking Heads song "Once In A Lifetime" yesterday I remembered they had a female bassist (Tina Weymouth). Which other bands with a lady on bass do you guys know?
  2. ...would've surprised me if there hadn't been a similar thread before :meh:
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    Jun 16, 2001
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    aaaaahhhhh!!!!!!! you are new here, that explain it all......

    Welcome to TB, by the way!!!:bassist:
  4. Hi! Thanks for the nice welcome, CaracasBass! :)
    And thank you for the link! @ SMASH
  5. Welcome Volker, I'm a kiwi too. I currently live in Auckland, but am relocating to Napier at the end of this month. You'll enjoy this bunch of rowdies!:D
  6. Hi Marty! I'm actually from Germany, but I moved to NZ because it's my girlfriend's home country (we met on the internet). Thanks for your greetings, I hope it all goes well with your moving! :)
  7. Brandy Wood from Cracker, Her picture on the back of Bass player Magazine is HOT! But, ive never actually heard her bass playing....... BUT HEY she hot! :
  8. Uhm..I play the bass..and I am female...not a babe though...
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    Oh yes you are......;) :D
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    Rhonda Smith!
  11. :D Johnny shut up!
    This thing with female bassplayers always make me a little...I don't know...
    They only check them out on the looks, most female bassplayers aren't that good (not in a musical way that is..:p )...

  12. Johnny BoomBoom

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    Jun 8, 2001
    Glasgow, Scotland

    :D Yes dear............:cool:
  13. Gang of Four...B-52's...

  14. Philbiker

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    I'm pretty sure Sara Lee also played on the Andy Summers / Robert Fripp album "Bewitched", and quite well!
  15. 3rdEye


    Nov 30, 2002
    Allison Palmer _ Hello Betty
  16. chris griffiths

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    Carol Kaye

    and Meshell ndege ochello one of the best bass player I can think of. very funky. also Sean Yseult from white zombie was a female bass player although she didn't do anything too fancy.
  17. My favorite (as most TB members alreadly know)
    Talena Atfield (formerly of Kittie)
    and finally...
  18. Yay, it's a G&L L2000! I want one, too! :D
  19. Sheryl Crow plays the bass on the new song she is doing with Kid Rock.
  20. My girlfriend's comment on the band's picture in Rush's album Grace Under Pressure: "Oooh! Inbreeders!! :D "...hahaha!