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  1. I searched TalkBass and couldn't find a thread on one of my favorite Funk Bands so I wanted to start one. To anyone unfamiliar with them, The Lafayette Afro Rock Band was a Funk Band from New York. They were founded in 1970. After realizing how saturated the American Funk Genre was they relocated to France where they scored a gig as a session band before releasing a few albums of their own. They have also released albums under the names of Ice and Krispie and Company. They were one of the pioneers of break beats. One of their most famous songs is "Hihache" which has been sampled by tons of artists. I just really dig this band and was hoping I could turn a few people onto them and help keep their legacy alive. My cousin says they have that "Classic Movie Soundtrack Sound" ;):roflmao:

    It's kind of hard to find their albums, Youtube has two, Amazon has three for purchase, and according to my cousin Itunes has all of their albums (I have yet to confirm this). I have yet to find a live performance from them either.


    "Soul Makossa"

    A Band Photo:


    One of the only pictures I've seen so you can see what bass Lafayette Hudson played:
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    Dec 12, 1999
    ...few years back, I picked up a greatest hits album of theirs (Darkest Light) from
    Just checked-
    A used copy is for sale there for $19.

    Very cool outfit.
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  3. I saw one of their vinyls from when they were Ice selling for over $75!:woot:
  4. Rhapsody has all Lafayette and Ice for streaming, checking it now.
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  5. I understand streaming and all but I really want my own copies of the songs! But let me know what you find!
  6. Anybody have any idea about what kind of bass he is playing?
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    Ha - I always assumed they were from Louisiana!
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  8. Same here! I live about 20 minutes from the city of Lafayette and before I looked into them I thought they were a local band! :laugh:
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