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    image.jpeg image.jpeg Hello, I'm selling my Lakland 4-94 Standard. Alder standard top with three tone sunburst , made in USA. Very lightweight (8 lbs), rosewood, Laklandpickups, electronics. Original case. All works perfectly, sweet neck.Condition is very good. Only imperfections are tiny dings in headstock/ neck that are very hard to see. I love Laklands and have owned many but I prefer a passive bass so I'm selling to fund OR trade for passive USA Lakie.$1950 shipped to lower 48. I had previously listed this bass as a 44-14 or 14-94 or 44-94. It is a Dan Lakin era, 3 digit serial number, 4-94. Buyer has a 48 hr. approval period.
  2. Reduced, $1850
  3. Last bump. Such little interest for a classic USA Lakland? Gonna take my toys and go home.
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    it's a tough market for sellers right now, I did much the same with one I had for sale.
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    Thanks, Simonon!