SOLD Lakland 44-64 PJ Custom - *Brand New*

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    Oct 15, 2002
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    Lakland 44-64 Custom - *Brand New*
    PLEKD’ neck ** SOLD**

    Vintage P-J Features
    J Taper 1.5 Nut
    Maple Neck-Rosewood Fingerboard
    Blocks And Bindings
    Matching Headstock
    Tort Pick Guard
    8.0 lbs

    Bought – NEW From Bass Central very recently, arrived while I was out of town. They have a 48 hr return period only. I opened a few days after delivery and was unable to return it. Sounds excellent, plays excellent, feels excellent, but not the color match I was hoping for. Its white white, not pearl like the DJs. White.

    * Sell for $1100 shipped. * I am firm on price, its a big loss for a bass just 15 days old. Its worth keeping otherwise. J style neck and very comfortable. Not interested in trades other than vintage rack effects.

    Please note, plastic still on tuners, plastic on guard etc. *1 hr play time tops*

    20210616_120243.jpg 20210616_120151.jpg 20210616_120156.jpg 20210616_120214.jpg 20210616_120234.jpg 20210616_120243.jpg 20210616_120301.jpg
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    These Skyline basses are phenomenal.
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    8 pound skyline? Am I seeing that right?
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    Oct 15, 2002
    Yes. Just under 8lbs on my scale, it was listed as 8.1 so I have it at 8.0
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    A real beauty!
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  7. Bonafide

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    Oct 15, 2002
    ** SOLD**
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