Lakland 55-01 regutted and meaner than ever!!!

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  1. Alright, I'm keeping my promise to update everyone on the new pickups and added battery in my Bart NTMB. I just got it back yesterday but haven't really had any time to give it a test run until now. I restrung it with some DR Highbeams since Sadowsky's out of my usual strings for now.

    I must say that the first thing I noticed was the output this bass has. This bass is a beast! I'll never have a problem with headroom again. The pickups are nice and smooth with a boost in the low end and mid range and a nice rounded high end, not too harsh like some of the EMG's or Seymour Duncan Bass Lines I've heard. It has a nice slap tone which is highly changeable with the preamp.

    The bass originally had a single battery compartment for 1 9v so we were going to just stick the extra battery in the electronics cavity but after a little thinking I called him back and asked him to stick a new battery box in the back. So now I have a double battery box in the back which required a little routing but not enough to worry about. Overall I think Phil Maneri (UncleToad) did an excellent job with it. Actually I think it was Phil who did the routing but the other guy who stuck everything in. I can't remember his name but he was in there when I dropped the bass off a month ago. Ok, I'll shut up and post some pics. Sorry not all of them are clear but if you want some more, just ask me and I can get you some.

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    This intruiges me...
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    This made me have to turn my computer monitor away from my 44-01DLX. I think it might have seen it's giving me a really pissed-off/ jealous look right now.:help:
  4. The whole job was around $400, parts, labor, and everything. Not bad for a complete overhaul. This bass rocks now. It rocked before but now it's off the charts. I recommend anyone who's tired of the Bart MK-1's to try these. They're a perfect fit in the pup cavities, no routing needed.
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    Looks great! You're the second 55-01 owner I've seen update his Lakland with those pups.

    However, in making that battery compartment larger I would not have expanded the route any more towards the string ferrule/bridge area, as it appears you may have done (I would have expanded out towards the neck only). You've made the area underneath where your bridge sits and is anchored thinner and less stable.
    I don't know if there's anything you can do now, but I would keep a close eye out for any cracks on the front of the bass, in front of the bridge, over time.

    Sorry. Not trying to be an alarmist.
  6. He really didn't do much routing at all. He just cut maybe a half inch to 3/4 of an inch in and there's plenty of wood there for the bridge to hang on to. He didn't go any deeper. I know it looks like its all the way to the string ferrule but really there's about 1/4 inch between that and the battery box. He put a ring around the box to make it look better so it looks like it touches the ferrule. If you go the other way you risk cutting into the pup cavities.
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    I had to look at my Lakland. The most downward pressure is on the front half of the bridge. Directly over where the route has been expanded. It's not about enough wood to "hang on to", but enough wood to support the major league pressure on that particular area. You'll probably be OK. But I would just keep an eye on it.
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    Jealous. Jealous. Jealous. Jealous. Jealous.
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    Hey Capn...

    Looks great! I'm still very interigued by swapping in the Nordys. I've been fairly happy, w/ just the NTMB upgrade.
    But, I get all wishy washy & indecisive when it comes to stuff like this. I hate to spend $400, & have it turn out to be a minor difference.

  10. ROFL!!!!

    This is a SWEET looking mod -- I'm ordering my Nordys today!!!
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    Nov 19, 2007
    nordies are great but dark for my taste
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    I'd like to put Nordies in my 44-01, but it looks like the 4 string version doesn't fit the 44-01 routes, which are the same size as the 5 string. I guess the US Barts are the only choice for a 44-01. :(
  13. Really? I did not know that. Have you checked the Nordstrand website for some specs? You may be able to route just a little bit off the side to make it work. Just make sure you or whoever does it knows what they're doing.
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    The 4 string MK pickups are 4.25" x 1.33" (same as the 5 string MK), while the 4 string Nordy pickups are 3.99" X 1.27" per the specs listed on That would leave a 1/8" gap on each end. They would fit, but not look very good.
  15. You could get some pickup rings. I've seen miracles done with pickup installations. If you want to do it, you can make it happen. It's just knowing what to do and how to do it. Take it to a shop and get some advice. I didn't do my own work, I got it done by someone who does this for a living. There's no way I'd risk a $600 bass to learn on.
  16. I can honestly say, that after today's church service, it has turned my bass from a middle of the road budget bass to a professional gigging bass. It has all the sound anyone could ever want from a single coil jazz bass plus more. I can't wait to get it in the studio.