Lakland 55-01 vs 55-02

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  1. The only difference between the 01's and the 02's are the pups and preamp, right? can't this stuff be upgraded for cheaper on an 01 than the $600 street price difference between the two?

    also the 01 has the same pups and preamp as the ibanez sr505 right? how similar do they sound?

    I played an 02 today and loved it but am hesitant to drop the cash without having played the far cheaper 01 :)
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    I used to own a 44-01, and although I'm not super familiar with the Ibanez, I thought the Lakland sounded pretty good in compairison...from what I can remember. I had it strung with Hi Beams and I'd describe the sound as bright but not growly. Hard to explain, my only other bolt-ons were a old Fender active PJ and a maple bodied Spector Rebop. In comparison to the Rebop, it was almost as bright, but had more pronounced mids without being mid heavy. It was also a lot smoother, but not as smooth as an 02 can be.

    You have to remember that the pup type/placement is also different in an 02 than an 01. Even if you upgrade the pups it won' t sound the same, although it will probably sound pretty great. Personally, I thought the 01 I owned sounded pretty good with the stock pups and pre. Definitely not as versatile as an 02 (which is its strong point), but not bad at all.

    For the price difference I'd definitely check out an 01 and see if you like it. I'd probably go with an 02 if I was going to buy another one, but there are a couple guys on here who like the sound of the 01 better.
  3. I had a 55-01 that I modded with an 18v Bartolini NTMB preamp and a set of Nordstrand Big Singles. I think after the upgrade and price of the bass the cost came to somewhere around $1000. It was a great bass and I still wish I had it.

    As far as the comparison to a 55-02, even with the upgraded electronics there will still be a difference in tone. The soap bar pickups will have a different tone than the MM and the single coil in the neck position. While my 55-01 was beast with the upgraded electronics, the 55-02 seemed to get a little bit more growl, due to the MM pickup IMO. They're two different basses really even though they share the same body and neck..

    I had a an Ibanez SR506 but it was defretted so I really can't talk about a comparison between the Lakland and the Ibanez.

    Hope this helps.
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    Yes, a preamp will cost $150-$200 and a pair of pickups will cost $200-$325 depending what you pick. The nice thing about buying the -01 and upgrading is you get to choose the components and you don't have to spend the money all at once.
  5. Yeah I didn't realize the pickups were in a different position thought on the 02's..

    I absolutely love the neck and finish on these but the electronics on the 02's just sound so absolutely clean and sterile - it really isn't my sound..
  6. The new Lakland electronics are really crazy. If I had the money to throw down, I would have gotten a new 55-02 by now. I used to have an older one and I also thought the Bart electronics were too polite. Then again, Bart electronics in anything = instant suck, but that's just my opinion. Anyhow, LH-3!! Crazy stuff. I love it!
  7. I don't know.. the LH-3s for me just don't pick any of the percussive sounds up.. you don't here the rubbing and the bumping and the twanging :) i know that comes with actives but these are ESPECIALLY clean.. and i like it dirty :bassist:
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    Used to own A 506. The neck is much thinner and flatter than the Laklands. Lakland doesn't make a 6 though, so the 2 necks really can't be compared.
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