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Lakland 55-02 Trade Value (AUD)

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Tomass, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Tomass


    Nov 1, 2005
    Whats the general trade value for a second hand Lakland 55-02, im thinking of selling mine as i dont like 5 string basses as much as i thought i would. Its about 9 months old, never gigged, lakland electronics and lakland pickups, maple neck and sunburst body. Also looking for the price in the Aussie dollar.
  2. Is yours the deluxe with the quilt top? I priced one of these recently with a RRP of $3395, street price indicated by salesman of about $2900. (I suspect there was more to be had off the price with some serious negotiation, but I made clear I was just checking it out that day.)

    BTW, trade-in values are fairly arbitrary, as all the stores care about is the final sales price cash + guitar (in other words they can offer what sounds to be a generous trade-in value, but make it up on the negotiated rpice of the instrument) -- it's usually better to negotiate the instrument price for cash first (75% of RRP is a typical price in Oz -- not bad, but fairly routine), then after you're satisfied, get a price they'll offer you on a trade-in on that negotiated price.

    Sometimes you'll decide it's worth your while to sell privately, sometimes not. A lot of people choose to trade-in for the convenience value, not necessarily because it gets them absolute top dollar. After all, your time is worth something too!


  3. Wanting to sell? Why oh why? That bass is beautiful!

    I reckon you'd be lucky to get $1900 for it.

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