Lakland 55-02 w/Lakland electronics - SOLD

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  1. SOLD

    This 55-02 is about a year old and is in excellent condition. There are no dings or scratches just the typical light hazing under the G string. Comes with gig bag. It has the new Lakland preamp and pickups which sound fantastic and are a great improvement over the Bartolini's which I heard on one a few years ago. The construction is top notch and the SUNBURST over ASH finish with MAPLE fretboard is beautiful.

    The weight is 8 pounds 15 ounces so it is one of the lighter weight Skylines.


    Price is $850 SHIPPED in CONUS
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    THAT looks like an eyepopping-ly good deal!!!! :eek:
  3. SOLD!!!