SOLD Lakland 55-60 5 string Jazz bass & Lakland gig bag. Excellent. Shipped

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    Ships in Lakland gig bag. Fast and free, conus only!

    For sale: a lovely Lakland 5 string jazz bass in excellent condition with new strings. The 55-60.

    This bass plays well; great neck; great B string; new strings. Sounds fabulous.

    Looks great too. No dings or digs or significant scratches. A small finish bubble is visible if you look really hard. Attractive sunburst; pick guard in good shape.

    No issues. Model year is 2012 and the weight is right at 10 lbs, maybe a shade under though my bathroom scale has no precision.

    I love Lakie 5ers, though I don’t need three. It’s hard to find a five string bass of this high quality in this price range.

    I’m a fanatic packer. Paypal is fine. Local sale in Mass or New Hampsta or Maine can reduce cost depending.

    Not too interested in trades, maybe a great condition Fender P that weighs 8.5 pounds or less.

    Back on the market. More pictures here:

    For Sale - Lakland 55-60, excellent condition. Shipped fast and free

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    Pm sent
  3. Nice!