SOLD Lakland 55-60 Custom (JO5)

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    This is an awesome bass, featuring a blocked and bound rosewood board. Great player, and sounds huge with the currently installed flats. There are a couple imperfections pictured- there's wear above the bridge pickup, and a small nick on the back of the neck up around the tenth fret (both were there before I owned her, and neither bothers me while playing). 9.5 lbs Will include a nice barely used gig bag. $50 for shipping in the lower 48. Thanks! 20200617_192943.jpg 20200617_193024.jpg 20200617_193015.jpg 20200617_192952.jpg 20200617_192933.jpg 20200617_192926.jpg
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    How’s the weight?
  3. The trusty bathroom scale shows 9.5 lbs. It's definitely lighter than my 55-64. Thanks!