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    Up for sale is my very rare Lakland 55-76 Deluxe. This bass is the holy grail for Stingray 5 fans who would like a wider string spacing and 35" scale. It has a Teal burst finish over a flame maple top, maple neck with ebony fingerboard, and 19mm spacing at the bridge, with thru-body or bridge stringing. It also has a removable Stingray-style see-thru scratchplate. Weight is 4.3kg.

    I bought it a while back from a guy in the Netherlands as a fretless, and had it fretted by a very skilled luthier here in London who has the distinction of having re-fretted some of Peter Green's guitars, so I knew it was in pretty safe hands. The result was astonishing - the ebony board has such a sheen on it you can literally see your face in it. Not surprisingly, it also plays beautifully, and has that big, fat Stingray sound in spades, with the legendary Lakland B string. The oddity about this particular bass is that it has no serial number - the assumption is that it was made very early on, perhaps even a prototype of the model. This would place its date of manufacture at somewhere in the mid-90's, when Lakland was still in its infancy. Although it will certainly be US made, it also doesn't have the usual 'Made in the USA' stamp on the back of the neck, and the tuners are Hipshot in style, but with no markings. (I have a Lakland 55-94 whose serial number dates it to 1998 that also doesn't have the USA neck stamp, and has the same style of tuners.)

    It's in excellent condition for a 20+ year old bass. There's a small crack in the lacquer next to the neck pocket, and a couple of tiny dings on the body that I've tried to show in the photographs, but otherwise it's in extremely good shape.

    Now we come to the colour. I've tried photographing it with three different cameras, but it always comes out more blue than it appears to the naked eye - in reality it's closer to a Teal Green.

    The pickup (although it has no markings that I can see, the consensus seems to be that it's a Seymour Duncan) is wired to a 3-way coil tap switch (parallel, single coil, series switching) with a Bartolini NTMB-L918 3-band preamp with a push/pull volume pot for active/passive switching. I fitted the chrome knobs, but the original black rubberised ones are also included. The bass comes complete with a Hiscox Liteflite case.

    I believe that you can still get this model from Lakland as a special order, but with the build cost, deluxe burst finish, ebony fingerboard, Bartolini electronics, Seymour Duncan pickup, shipping and duty, it would probably take months and you wouldn't get much change out of five grand. Also (and I say this as a huge Lakland fan) in my opinion the older ones are just better made. Sorry, but I'm only looking for a straight sale, so no trade offers. Please message me with your location/Zip for a shipping cost.

    I've added a short video after the pics so you can hear the bass in action. Apologies in advance for the rambling dialogue and aimless noodling!

    IMG_1352.jpeg IMG_1339.jpeg IMG_1340.jpeg IMG_1341.jpeg IMG_1342.jpeg IMG_1343.jpeg IMG_1344.jpeg IMG_1345.jpeg IMG_1346.jpeg IMG_1347.jpeg IMG_1348.jpeg IMG_1350.jpeg IMG_1351.jpeg IMG_1354.jpeg IMG_1355.jpeg IMG_1366.jpeg
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    Just wow!
    . That's a killer bass!

    I had a 5576 for a while... Ended up selling it to a MM player... He loves it!

    And yes... The color is hard to capture on film...
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