SOLD Lakland 55-94 Deluxe 8.5 lbs (sale or trade)

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    Lakland 55-94 Deluxe Cherryburst, good condition with a few minor dings.
    I bought this bass new from Bass Central in Florida back in 2013. I went to the store and played every 5 string Lakland they had. This one was the best. I'm not playing 35" scale basses anymore so this one needs a new home.
    The battery compartment doesn't stay closed very well so I put a small piece of tape on it and it never gave me any trouble. I do have a new battery box but never installed it. Other than that the bass plays and sounds great.

    35" scale
    8.5 lbs
    The USA Series 55-94 is Lakland’s original five-string design, featuring LH3 quad-coil soap bar pickup in the bridge position and a dual-coil J-style pickup at the neck. The bridge pickup is equipped with a 3-way coil select switch so you can hear all four coils, the neck side coils isolated, or the bridge side coils isolated – a setup that is great for maximum versatility and customizable tones. This incredibly versatile pickup array is matched with the LH3 preamp featuring 3 bands of boost cut EQ, a blend control to mix the 2 pickups, internal midrange frequency select, internal gain trim, and pull passive master volume.

    Comes with the original hard shell case. The interior is perfect, the exterior has a few scratches and scuffs.

    $2700 I will consider trading for a 4 string of equal value. I prefer 34" scale, Lakland, Sadowsky, Lull, or similar quality. Must be under 8.5 lbs.

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  2. Matt Power

    Matt Power Supporting Member

    Jul 2, 2000
    Bryan, TX
    PM'd....local in Bryan, Texas!!!
  3. Matt Power

    Matt Power Supporting Member

    Jul 2, 2000
    Bryan, TX
    I just met Blake "Blake Bass"...he came up to my home with the lovely Lakland and a KILLER Muckleroy in tow....such a GREAT guy, and so many things in common! We played, noodled with setup, barbecued some RIDICULOUS chicken and rosemary potatoes in a hobo pouch, he met my wife and too many Maine Coon cats, hung out, and today I made a REAL friend! If you EVER have any dealings with Blake Bass, you are in for a treat! A prince of a guy! He got a mind-blowing bass, as did I! Mutually agreed on, and happy trade all around! IMO, this represents the BEST of TalkBass! Bless you, Blake on your upcoming cruise gig...wish me luck on mine! My thumbs up came through tonight...I fly Friday to Singapore! Thank you for a fun day, my man!!!! Groove on....
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  4. Thanks Matt, I had a great time hanging in Bryan meeting you and Yvette. The chicken was killin'!! I hope you enjoy the Lakland as much as I'm already enjoying the Stambaugh. I appreciate the kind words and right back atcha. I look forward to hanging again sometime. Best of luck on your new cruise ship adventure!!
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