Lakland 55-94 Deluxe Quilt $1700 Shipped

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  1. If it had rosewood fingerboard, I would grab it for a second. :eyebrow:
    Beautiful.. :)
  2. Rodent

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    Dec 20, 2004
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    Makes me wish I still had a Roscoe to offer in trade ...

    Friday bumpage for a gorgeous bass :bassist:

  3. Kevin Ellis

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    What color is that? quilted red? I can't tell with my crappy monitor.
    How much does it weigh?
  4. The color officially is called Trans Burgandy. It's a dark red to burgandy.
  5. PMs answerred!
  6. PMs answerred again, and a bump for the start of the week.
  7. SOLD!