Lakland 55-94 (in Ottawa)

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  1. :help: I need to sell this so I can buy Sonny's Metro!!!!

    55-94 deluxe with quilted maple Cherryburst top. The bass is in great shape and sounds amazing. I have been playing it as my main bass since I bought it 5 years ago. There are a few small dings on the end from standing it up on stages, but you can't notice them from the front while playing.

    This baby plays amazing, and I have been having second thoughts about selling it :crying: but I have serious Sadowsky gas which started before I got the Lakland and now it's overpowering. I have to do it.

    $1675 + shipping to US or Canada. OHSC included. Pics available upon request....

    Thanks for looking,
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  3. :help: bump.... I want the Sadowsky... HELP!!!!
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