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Lakland 55-94 resolution

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by gwreid, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. gwreid


    Apr 8, 2005
    This might not be the right forum for this post as my original thread was quite correctly moved to the Setup forum but, as it started here I thought I'd post the answer here, to the weird issue I had with a Lakland I purchased from that gentleman bassist Ken Jung.

    The A string was quieter than the other strings and no amount of adjusting and changing strings would cure it...

    I eventually got through to Dan at Lakland and I'd barely completed the description of the problem before he said "Oh yes, we know about that problem, you will need to replace the pickups." He went on to tell me, to my surprise, that some of his 5 strings actually had 4 string PU's installed so I would need to measure mine to determine which I had. Apparently, that had no bearing on the problem as it occurred with both 4 and 5 string pickups but only effected the A string.

    When I told this story to Ken, he was happy to put things right and/or take the bass back. As I was not too keen on the bass for other reasons, it's on its way back and Ken plans on replacing the PU's with S. Duncans. Interestingly, and I might have mentioned this earlier, the issue is most (maybe only) apparent when using a pick near the neck PU and as Ken is a fingers only player, he never noticed. I go both ways, so to speak, so it was apparent to me immediately. I can't say enough good things about Ken and the guys at LowDownSound who did the sale for Ken. Great people to work with.

    As for the bass, a beautiful thing but just not for me. The fit and finish was superb and I can see why Dan gets complemented on his fret jobs. The neck is as good as almost any thing I've ever played with great access to the high end frets. (My Fodera wins out on best neck.) Unfortunately, I found that the way the Lakland hung was just not comfortable on my left hand, a bit too much of a stretch, and muting the higher strings with my right hand felt awkward. I think this was a combination of the instrument's balance and the fact that I tend to strap the bass quite high in order to get a good classical guitar position with my left hand. Sitting, the bass was way neck heavy while standing, the balance felt good but just didn't align where I needed it. The A string aside, it had a great range of sounds and I would have been happy to keep it had it fitted my body better. A quick note on the stretching of the left hand… I know this is a 35" scale whereas my 4's are 34" but I had recently owned a Sukop 5 for a short time and although it had a 35" scale, the positioning of the bass while standing was not an issue for either left hand or muting with the right hand.