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    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg Not only is this a USA Lakland, it is an early one made in 2001 (when Dan was still there and the quality, imho, was on par with any builder of any era). So, about this bass- the condition is excellent plus. I can't find any imperfections of note. It is really beautiful and, while made of alder, shows some unique grain. Weight is a very comfy 8 lbs, 14 oz. Sunburst finish is miles better than those that Lakland do today. Gorgeous, perfect neck with dark rosewood and birdseye maple dots. Flats on her and perhaps have been for the majority of her life. The neck is jazz-width at the nut. More on that later. This very-near-flawless 16 year old Lakland comes with the cream original hard shell case, also near perfect. Truly, a "holy grail" combo.
    Back story: earlier this year I was in New York on family business when I happened to look at Talkbass classifieds and saw this bass available just 25 miles away. I wasn't looking for another bass and was far from home BUT I've been a huge Lakland fan from the beginning. Had to look, bass was AMAZING, seller was very impressive and a Berklee grad. I had to have it, paid cash and shipped her home.
    The perfect bass. A keeper for life. Would always regret selling. So why am I selling? I am moving away from 1.5" necks. They are starting to feel too small for my large hands. This is my only reason- she isn't getting played due to nut width. That's a shame bacause this bass is a 10 in all regards.
    Price includes case and insured shipping within continental USA. If it doesn't sell I will be happy to keep her on display although I'm not a collector.
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    Whatever happened to this bass? Any chance I could get in contact with the current owner?