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SOLD Lakland Decade SS Hybrid USA/Skyline

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by halfwound121, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. halfwound121

    halfwound121 Supporting Member

    South Carolina
    Lakland Decade SS, USA neck and Skyline body. Neck is quarter sawn maple with rosewood board, birdseye maple dots. Body is a one-piece mahogany Skyline, professionally refinished in honey burst. Two Chi-Sonic hum buckers wired VVTT. Weight 9.1 lbs. 30 1/4" scale with 1.5" bone nut. Serial number DS7. Excellent condition. Strung with LaBella flats. Ships in gig bag. $1750 shipped CONUSA only.

    History- According to Lakland, this bass was built for Ben Kenney of Incubus to his specifications. The Skyline neck pocket was modified to accommodate the truss rod wheel of the USA neck. You can only see this if you remove the pick guard. It was originally finished in translucent root beer and wired with push-pull pots for coil taps and phase reversal. Original wire harness with pots included with instructions to connect pickups, if desired.

    fullsizeoutput_1ffa.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1ff6.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1ff7.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1ffc.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1ffb.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1ff8.jpeg IMG_3979.JPG fullsizeoutput_1ff9.jpeg
  2. The coil tap setup sounds cool, but it’s probably better off wired like it is. I bought a chi-bucker to put in one of my Basses with a three-way toggle for series/single coil/parallel. It had about a 50% drop in volume if both coils were on. I think I read of other people on here having similar issues, and I think Lakland discontinued them.

    That being said, the single coil sound of these is really warm and articulate. I bet it’s really tasty as a shorty with flats. And, the Decades look sooooo cool. Lakeland necks are super comfy. Sweet bass.

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