lakland question

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  1. dadodetres


    Dec 19, 2004
    i just brought a used lakland 4-94!
    and it plays and sounds GREAT!

    this is the situation, i brought it in the USA, and i took it to Uruguay (were i live). I de-tune it for taking it to the plane, but anyway today i check the action and it was lower, a lot of fret buzz. Checked the relief and was a little low....

    so i asume i have to releas a little the truss rod, but before doing it i want to check with you.
    also my other bass has the truss rod adjustmen in the headstock, and this one has it were the neck ends (in the body); but i guess the adjustment is clockwise and release is counterclockwise anyway..... right?

    well, thancks a lot!