Lakland Skyline 44-60 - Would you consider this “excellent” condition?

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  1. I just picked up a Skyline 44-60 on Reverb that was listed in “excellent” condition. Reverb’s definition of excellent is:

    “When something's been used a bit but is still close to new, you can file it under Excellent. For newer gear, Excellent items should be free of blemishes and other visual defects. For vintage items, there may be some marks here and there, but the item is still in the top echelon when compared to similar examples. All Excellent items should be 100% functional in every way.”

    So on the outside it’s in perfect shape. Seriously not a mark on it. But when I go to plug it in the input jack is making some very vocal complaints. If the cord isn’t exactly right I’m getting serious crackling sounds. Almost cutting out.

    Upon opening it up there seems to be some significant corrosion on the two volume pot lugs.

    I’ve got parts on the way but kind of feel I should have to throw money and time into an “excellent” condition instrument. Am I being petty?
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  2. Not at all. To me excellent means as new, inside and out. No scratches,dogs or songs on the outside and certainly no corrosion or scratchy pots on the inside.
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  3. I shot the seller a note about what I was experiencing and he jumped right to “Worked fine in the shop. Send it back” and sent me a return label. Said his 10% restocking fee wouldn’t apply IF the electronics were an issue.

    Seems like I’m going to be out $ either way.
  4. Seems like a very minor issue. Sometimes things like that can manifest after an initial testing. I'd just replace the part and carry on.
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    If there’s visual corrosion on the inside parts and/or it’s not 100% functional then it’s not “excellent.” To be fair, 1/4” cable tips come in all different shapes/sizes and can behave differently in circumstances like this, so the seller very well could have not experienced the problems you are having and not opened it up to see the corrosion. Take pics to document the corrosion, then replace the parts and carry on if you like the bass or return it with the documented evidence. You can use the pics for protection through reverb if the seller charges you restocking fee arguing the instrument has no issues. Send the seller the pics so they know it’s a physical defect. If it were me I’d leave the seller a “fair-ish” review with pics of the corrosion so the seller can’t refute your less than perfect review on a less than excellent instrument.
  6. I never had any intention of returning it. Plays great. Sounds great (as long as a cable doesn’t move). Just figured we could reach an agreement in the middle ground. Not expecting him to pay in full for the parts I chose but maybe a few bucks as a good will gesture.

    Oh well, I’ll fix it and move on and add this store to my “do not buy from” list.
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  7. For those who are curious here is a pic showing the condition of the pots.

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    if that's "Excellent" condition, then I can go ahead and say the interior of my car is "near-mint"!
    Seriously, that's nasty as hell. Honestly looks like it could use new pots and a new wiring harness, unfortunately.
  9. Got a new wiring kit on its way...
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    Man that thing looks like it was at the bottom of the ocean! Did you knock the barnicles off first?
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  11. Right? Weird thing is that the outside is PRISTINE.
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    Those pots are pretty roach'd. I wouldn't be happy, either.

    Don't forget to check the truss rod before you commit to keeping the bass.

    Good luck.